Honolulu Breast Implants

Are Honolulu Breast Implants For You?

Women get breast implants for a number of reasons, although research has shown that the number one reason is to improve their quality of life. It is a given fact that in today’s world, appearance matters, and women are going the extra mile to look better even if it involves cosmetic surgery.

Honolulu Breast ImplantsThe size of a woman’s breasts contribute significantly to her overall look, so if they are not happy with this aspect of their body it can result in low self-esteem. This is just one of the reasons why women invest in breast augmentation.  They want to re-establish their confidence and feel better about themselves.

There are also other more personal reasons why women get Honolulu breast implants.

Some would simply like to achieve a more proportional look in their body if their breasts are too small, and implants are the answer. Implants are also useful when it comes to reshaping breasts to give it a more natural look, especially if it has been slightly distorted due to pregnancy and breast-feeding.


Today, breast emlargement surgery is highly developed due to decades of research, science, and medicine.  Procedures are much more personal and individual in order to give women a highly customized look that suits their own unique anatomy and needs.

There are several benefits to getting
Honolulu breast implants today:

• The aesthetic benefits of breast implants are highly valuable to women. Breast implants can greatly enhance the shape of a woman’s figure by giving her fuller breasts and a more feminine body shape. Women with small breasts may have a disproportionate figure that seems to lack an overall balance and a feminine look.  Women who don’t have curves can simply get breast enhancement which can dramatically change her overall appearance for the better.Breast Implants Honolulu

• Pregnancy or aging can result in breasts that have given way to gravity, as well as loss in shape due to breastfeeding. Even if a woman originally had firm, supple breasts, these factors can take that away but it doesn’t mean that they have to live with these forever. A simple breast augmentation or breast reduction procedure can bring back the youthfulness and elasticity of your youth.

Honolulu breast implants are highly customizable and talking to your surgeon can help him determine the proper combination of material, shape, size, and profile that will give you the most natural looking breast implants. Whether you want to have a small or large increase in breast size, everything is possible today to achieve the look you desire.


Breast implants also have the power to improve your overall self-confidence, especially if you are conscious about your breast size which can cause you to have lower self-esteem.  Mothers especially tend to suffer from low self-confidence because of the appearance of their breasts after childbirth. Cosmetic surgery for breast implants can fix that and make you feel youthful and beautiful all over again.

• A new look with fuller breast also opens up limitless possibilities for new clothing options. We all know that there’s nothing better than trying on new clothes and feeling absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately women with smaller breasts don’t fill out feminine cuts as well, while those with full breast enlargement can look so much better. The benefits of breast implants are countless, and you should talk to your surgeon today if you are considering it. It will be the best move you can ever make for your looks!Honolulu breast augmentation

How Do I Know What Size of Breast Implants Will Fit Me Best? When it comes to breast implants, size is a personal issue and should conform to the proper sizing desired by the patient. Unlike buying bras where size is determined by A, B, or C cups, breast implants are sized according to the volume of silicone or saline required in the unit of ounces or cc’s.


In order to determine the right size of Honolulu breast implants for you, it’s important that you have a discussion with your plastic surgeon. During discussions there are certain factors that will affect your implant size:

• Use breast implants before and after photos during consultation to determine the right breast look that you desire, as well as for taking before and after breast pictures to show the changes. Don’t expect to come out looking exactly like the photo you sent, because every woman has a different body type and not all sizes or shapes of breast implants will result in the same look.

• You need to tell your doctor honestly about the kind of lifestyle you live. If you are sporty and active, large breast augmentation might not be the best way to go because they can cause a serious hindrance to your lifestyle.

• If you simply want to achieve the look of much larger breasts, it’s important to know that larger breast implants will mean bigger risk to complications such as the implants bottoming out.

• To get a better idea of how different sizes of Honolulu breast implants will look on you, a useful method is the rice experiment wherein you stuff a socking with the same volumes of rice that you are looking at getting. A good starting point is by using 300 cc or 10 ounces of rice, simply put this into a pantyhose and tie it up.

Put it into your bra and see how it fits you, you can even try it on with some clothes. Go outside and see how it feels, how heavy it weighs, and how it looks in front of a mirror. Try it with different volumes until you achieve the desired look.

Hawaii breast implants

• You may want to talk to your close friends or a confidante and get their honest opinion, so they can tell you if they think it’s too much or just right.

• Your cosmetic surgeon will also talk to you about various aspects involved in the cosmetic surgery, and may ask you to fill out a form and evaluate the importance of aspects for you such as: softness, cleavage, visible rippling, quick recovery, natural look, and lowest chance of deflation. Your surgeon will use this information as well as everything else discussed during your consultation to determine the right size of Honolulu breast implants for you.


When deciding on sizes for breast implants, it’s important never to compare yourself with friends because their body shapes, skin thicknesses, and breast sizes are very different. Even if you are getting a saline breast implant which is filled during the time of surgery, don’t wait until the last-minute to think about how small or large you want to go when getting your Honolulu breast implants.

Research and think about it ahead of time, consult with your doctor until you are 100% confident that you have made the right size decision in regards to getting cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation. Call the Honolulu Breast Implants Center team today so that we can answer your questions without any pressure!

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